Baccarat 5540 Body Care Kit


The Baccarat 5540 Body Care Kit is the next level in luxury self-care. Featuring the beautiful Baccarat 5540 fragrance, this limited-edition collection includes a shower gel, body butter, and body spray. Permeate your skin with an alluring aroma that will stay long after you’ve left the luxurious realm of opulence and sophistication. Discover the art of luxury skincare with this luxurious trio, perfect for self-care or as a gift.



Baccarat 5540 Body Care Kit

Baccarat 5540 Body Butter care Kit, which includes body butter, body mist, and body wash are the pinnacle of decadence and opulence. This luxurious body kit is more than just an addition to your regular skincare routine; it’s a special treat for your skin.

This body kit, scented with the alluring Baccarat 5540 fragrances, will wrap your senses in a luxurious aroma that will stay with you all day long. The luxurious consistency is easily absorbed by the skin and provides intensive nourishment and hydration.


Our solution was carefully formulated using components known to nourish and refresh skin. It aids in retaining moisture, which results in skin that is very supple, velvety, and smooth. Your skin’s texture and suppleness will improve visibly as you massage it in.


The Baccarat 5540 Body Kit does more than just soothe and moisturize your skin; it also boosts its luminosity. It helps your skin look and feel younger and more vibrant.


Baccarat 5540 Body Kit is the must-have cosmetic product that will make your skincare routine feel like a trip to the spa. Take your self-care routine to the next level and enjoy the sensation of skin that is richly nourished, fragrant, and incredibly soft.









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